SPARC Hub Headquarters

71 Normanby Road
Notting Hill VIC 3168

For further information about SPARC hub please contact:

Prof. Jayantha Kodikara
SP/ \RC Hub Director 
Department of Civil Engineering 
Monash University  
P: +61 (0)3 9905 0875

Frequently asked questions

SPARC Hub undertakes research activities in transport pavements. For more information about the SPARC Hub research activities, please refer to the following link:

To become a partner of the SPARC Hub, please contact the Hub Director at (P: +61 (0)3 9905 0875).

1) SPARC Hub, which is the first university-lead research collaboration platform in transport pavements (8 Australian Universities - lead by Monash University, 21+ Industry Partners and 7 overseas universities and pavement centres), is embarking on a range of exciting research projects to innovate materials, designs and adaptive technologies, facilitate skill development, and drive commercial benefits.

(2) The Hub comprises newly-established research teams lead by world-class researchers in transport pavements with many national and international collaborations, offering an unprecedented opportunity for the transport industry to solve pressing problems in transport infrastructure.

(3) The Hub aims to deliver tangible outcomes for its partners: Advanced test and design standards, New products (e.g. innovative pavement materials and automated crack sealing machine), Technical reports and specifications, etc. will be produced as a part of the Hub activities in a relatively short period.

(4) The company/organisation can propose projects to be incorporated into the Hub research activities and become a prominent Partner Organisation for a specific area. The company/organisation will be the lead partner organisation of its projects in the Hub and will have the leadership role and ownership for its projects.

(5) The information generated through all the Hub activities (15 Main Projects at present), except those under IP, will be made available to all the parties involved in the Hub.

(6) The Hub will have workshops, Industry advisory board meetings, webinars and other interactive sessions managed and publicised through its own webpage ( and social media (​Facebook  LinkedIn  Twitter  YouTube). The logos of Hub partners will be placed on SPARC Hub Website and Banner.

(7) The Hub has Headquarters (located at 71 Normanby Rd, Notting Hill VIC 3168) and a separate lab facility with industrial testing capabilities, where industry partners can join and collaborate/interact with Hub research and development activities at any time.

The SPARC Hub members portal allows registration for its partners only and the membership registration is free.

However, you can subscribe to our newsletter ( to receive update on our research activities.

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