Project 3.7 (2020)

Enhanced road safety through smart sensing for road construction, planned interruptions/worksites and interaction with autonomous vehicle

Road construction worksites pose significant safety risks to motorist, pedestrians and the construction workers because of changed road and traffic conditions, congested and dynamic workspace, and the interaction of traffic vehicles, construction equipment and workers in close proximity. In Australia, approximately 50 deaths and 750 injuries occur each year in road worksite crashes. The estimated cost of this is more than $400 million a year.

Project Objectives

1. To undertake a comprehensive review of the best practices and emerging technology in road worksite safety

2. To create a smart sensing framework for pro-active detection and mitigation of potential accidents at road worksites

3. To develop a novel approach for data communication between autonomous vehicles and worksite infrastructure

4. To test and validate the prototype system at a controlled testbed

Chief Investigators: 
  • Dr Yihai Fang (LCI - Monash University)
  • Professor Le Hai Vu (Monash University)
Industry partners: 
Partner investigators: 
David Barker (EIC Activities)