Javad Ghorbani

I obtained my PhD from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Geotechnical Science and Engineering, University of Newcastle. My main research focus is on developing state-of-the-art numerical and theoretical approaches in order to predict the consequences of soil-structure,  and soil-climate interactions. My research contributions have been to the fields of unsaturated soil dynamics, plasticity, contact mechanics, coupled analysis, and soil compaction. My publications concern soil compaction as well as mathematical modelling and finite element simulations of a diverse range of problems in the mechanics of unsaturated soils. My works over the past years have led to the development of a powerful computational framework for studying compaction problems, bearing capacity of shallow foundations on unsaturated soils, ratcheting of unsaturated soils during cyclic loading, and many more.

Key publications:

Chen, L., Ghorbani, J., Zhang, C., Duta, T., and Kodikara, J., 2021, A novel unified model for volumetric hardening and water retention in unsaturated soils, Computers and Geotechnics

Airey, D.W., and Ghorbani, J., 2021, Analysis of unsaturated soil columns with application to bulk cargo liquefaction in ships, Computers and Geotechnics

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Ghorbani, J., Airey, D. W. and El-Zein, A. (2018) "Numerical framework for considering the dependency of SWCCs on volume changes and their hysteretic responses in modelling elasto-plastic response of unsaturated soils." Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 336: 80-110.Ghorbani, J., Nazem, M., Carter, J.P. Sloan, SW (2018) "A stress integration scheme for elasto-plastic response of partially saturated soils subjected to large deformations" Computers and Geotechnics

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