Sajjad Vaseghi

Sajjad's expertise includes unsaturated soil mechanics, granular materials, soil improvement techniques, environmentally friendly methods in mitigating Geo-hazards, and the use of new materials in civil-geotechnical engineering applications. He is passionate to make a link between theoretical and practical geotechnics. 


Awarded best lecturer at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Tehran Polytechnic, 2015 and 2016.

Ranked 1st among all undergraduate students, Department of Civil Engineering, UMA.

Winner of John A. Angold Scholarship for works in Highway and Railway Industry, Kansas State University, USA, 2020.

Distinguished as the Exceptional Talent in University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Iran, 2010-2013.


Head of the Board, Sari Dash building construction Co., Ardabil Province, Iran (Jul 2020-present)

Building Construction Engineer, Iran Construction Engineering Organization (IRCEO), (Oct 2019-present)

Contractor in Road, Pavement, and Transportation; Iran Budget and Planning Org., Jul 2020 - present.

Graduate Research Assistant, Porous Media Mechanics Lab, Soil Mechanics Lab, (Oct 2013 to Sept 2017)

Lecturer, laboratory of Soil Mechanics (Sept 2014- Sept 2016)


Sajjad Vaseghi, Reza Imam, John S McCartney, 2019. “Physical Modelling of Stone Columns on Unsaturated Soil Deposits”, ASTM- Geotechnical Testing Journal.

Sajjad Vaseghi, Reza Imam, John S McCartney, “Relative Density Effect on the Bearing Capacity of Unsaturated Sand”, 2019, Soils and Foundations.

Imam, Reza., Vaseghi M., Sajjad., and McCartney, John S. (2018). Shear strength of unsaturated sand at different relative densities. 7th International Conference on Unsaturated Soils (UNSAT2018). C.W.W. Ng, A.K. Leung, A.C.F. Chiu, C. Zhou, eds. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. 191-196.

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MSc., Geotechnical Engineering, Tehran Polytechnic
BSc., Civil Engineering, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili